Oh well, I see now that many more of my blog posts have been pushed (or pulled?) to micro.blog since I linked my WordPress website feed yesterday, so you’ll all see a lot of Dutch titles here. I don’t like it that I can’t write a small explanation about it anymore. What if I posted these blogs by hand? Would any replies still be shown on my website? I have Webmention installed…

I’m still not sure if this micro.blog is ‘my thing’, but through this, I’ve run into a some very inspiring websites already. It feels like ‘old school blogging’ again. With a blogroll on it and people linking to replies that they wrote on their own blog. I just love it!

Yesterday, I visited a number of my favourite places in our area. Places where I normally run, without a camera at hand, but this time on my bike and with a camera.

This is the Lossers Voetpad. It starts from a residential area in Oldenzaal, but then you’re outside. It’s a pretty steep climb, but the path itself always makes it worthwhile. After that, you have to cross the highway via a bridge, and then it’s nice and quiet. On to my next favourite spot… (to be continued…)

So, I’m thinking about switching from Diigo to another bookmark tool: TagPacker. Though I think I should clean up Diigo before I do this, because it’s often not the tool, but the mess you made of it :-)

Wow! I just returned to my micro.blog after a few days of writing a new blog on OrganizeFlow - my (Dutch) website & blog about productivity, GTD, email, Evernote, Todoist and other task managers - and I was totally surprised by the number of responses to my previous update! Seems like I have some reading & replying to do. Sorry guys that I kept you waiting. Totally did not expect this. Maybe I should check if there are any notification options…

Yesterday I realized that I’d better blog in English on this micro.blog. Haven’t seen any blogs in Dutch here, so I guess I won’t start that trend either. :-) Though I will still write in Dutch on my WordPress blog.

I’m still trying to figure out if I should keep posting here, or just start posting more on Twitter. Why do I like this better? Maybe because it feels more anonymously because less people are using this platform?

Btw, it was a very hot day today in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe…

Gisteren micro.blog ontdekt. Ik vind het er interessant uitzien en ben benieuwd naar de interactie op dit platform. Vandaag dus een account aangemaakt en dit is mijn eerste micro.blog. En een post hierover op mijn eigen blog.